As with all good stories they begin with “once upon a time”. However, with Juke Box it’s difficult to determine when that once upon a time moment began. It is however, very true to say that Juke Box evolved because of the Rainbow school of music at Barleylands.
Members of the band are all in some way associated with the school, but let us be blunt, some more than others!!

However, through the various ukulele classes at the school, a group of individuals began to meet on a Sunday afternoon. Through thick and thin and with help from the school, those individuals from the Sunday ukulele group began to perform at Ukulele evenings at Barleylands, under the banner and name of Juke Box.
As with all bands, members have come and gone, but our current line-up has been together for some while.

Juke Box is all about playing great songs but giving them that Juke Box Ukulele twist.
Having listened to us, If we have put a smile on your face or inspired you to think “I could do that!”, well then, it’s job done!

Meet Juke Box